Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tips on securing your Facebook account

We just caught a hacker trying to crack our Facebook account.  No damage done, but it reminds us that everyone is vulnerable to intrusion.  Here’s how to reduce the chance of Facebook hackers from stealing your Facebook identity: 


1.      Change the security settings to allow log-on notifications whenever a new device is used to access your account. You’ll get a message if you — or the bad guys — logs onto your account from an unfamiliar computer. To enable log-on notifications, go to the drop-down box under Account on the upper right hand corner of your Facebook home page.

2.      Don’t click on strange links, even if they’re posted by friends. That’s a great way for the crooks to upload spyware onto your computer

3.      Facebook’s new “mark as spam’’ button lets you flag suspicious posts. This helps the company identify and block potential scams. “Mark as spam’’ becomes visible when you left-click on the “X’’ button next to each post.

4.      Don’t download any applications to Facebook that you are positively confident its o.k.

5.      If you’re logging on from an unsecured network — like in a hotel or airport — use your cellphone to text “otp’’ to 32665 to receive a password that is valid for a single log-on. Hackers often retrieve users’ regular passwords over unsecured networks, so it’s best to use a one-time-only log-on under such circumstances.

6.      If you believe your Facebook account has been hacked, go to to secure it. 


SOURCE: Facebook


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