Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Swipe-Fee Windfall for Circle K Customers?

Couche-Tard, the operator of over 5,000 Circle K Store in the United States, stands to reduce bank card processing costs by $27 million, plans to pass savings on to consumers, according to a note from Newcrest/TD Securities Inc. analyst Michael Van Aelst.

"Debit-card fees for a high-volume user like Couche-Tard are around 1% of the transaction value in the United States. Based on a 35% debit-card use rate at the pump, we estimate that Couche-Tard pays approximately $50 million in U.S. debit-card swipe fees annually," he wrote.

Circle K plans to pass the savings on to customers.

Details in CSP Daily News: FULL STORY


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