Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's difficult to imagine an industry more inherently generous

Food Service Pre-tax profits are relatively modest (typically 4-6% of total sales), but restaurateurs’ generosity is not – the value of charitable contributions is about .5% of total sales and virtually restaurants make charitable contributions of some kind, totaling nearly $3 billion annually, according to the NRA. The stresses and strains of the economic downturn may have actually accelerated chefs and restaurateurs’ efforts especially in the areas of hunger relief and nutrition, where they are becoming active advocates of change – locally, regionally, and nationally. We salute them in this edition.

Charitable activities also boost employee morale and sales. More than half (57%) of adults in the NRA’s 2009 consumer survey said they are likely to choose a restaurant based on its support of community and charitable activities; 69% surveyed by Yankelovich said that a reason to splurge is if part of what they pay goes to a good cause.

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