Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Waterfront Property Continues to Appeal to Buyers

Even in this challenging market, the value of waterfront property – at least in most places – has remained high.

But all waterfront property isn’t created equal. Besides a pretty view, here are some other factors a buyer should consider:

·            Depth of the water. Buyers who want to dock a boat will see this differently than those who want to swim.

·            Location and elevation of the home. Will it be sufficiently protected from bad weather, including hurricanes?

·            Who owns the shoreline? Buyers who purchase riparian rights can restrict its use. Buyers who acquire non-riparian rights get non-exclusive use, with the ultimate control belonging to some government entity or, possibly, a neighborhood association.

Source: The Washington Times, Carisa Chappell (09/23/2010)


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