Saturday, August 28, 2010

Please Rob Me!

What's WRONG with Check In Networks like Foursquare and new Facebook Places?  Plenty of you've been stalked on-line by thieves, ex-girlfriends, over-zealous fans, paparazzi, ex-bosses, and the hopelessly curious about your high-profile lifestyle (not me of course, since I live in a low-profile cave – albeit a nice cave).


It turns out checking your friends into Facebook Places sends the clear message to a whole new crop of tech-smart up-to-no-good busybodies and theft rings, I call DiHeads  (Digital Housebreakers with Droids, or DHD's ).


One of my law enforcement friends told me this is a real problem in our neighborhood.  He sent me a blogpost article ( that describes the darker side of Check in Websites. 


Sure, when you check your friends into Facebook Places, you could snare someone into getting caught for telling a white lie (e.g., our wives thinking we’re working late while you’re watching the game with me at Chili’s).  That’s embarrassing for some of us, but it can get worse.


If you use Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare -- this will – and should- scare the living daylights out of you (or at least make you aware of what you’re doing).  For some, it is a wake-up call -- because we really do have to be careful with what we do online.


Because the bad guys will watch you “online” and wait for you to leave your home.  The process might take weeks or months of stalking.  But one day, you might come home and learn that you need to be more careful with what you post online.


P.S. If you’re one of the bad guys stalking me,  I don’t need barking dogs.  I installed a bunch of night-vision cameras with off-site monitoring and recording and am licensed to carry a concealed weapon in most states, including this one.  Just ask the guy who was arrested last year for trying to break-in to our place.


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