Thursday, August 5, 2010

KUAF's Weekend FM Schedule

KUAF's Weekend FM Schedule

Friday, August 6th

·       6:00 pm, Ozarks at Large

·       7:00 pm, KUAF New Blues Show with PJ Robowski

·       8:00 pm, Beale Street Caravan

·       9:00 pm, Generic Blues Show with Paul Kelso

·       10:00 pm, Shades of Jazz with host Robert Ginsburg

·       12:00 am, Goodnight Jazz with host Daniel Estes

Saturday, August 7th

·       6:00 am, This American Life… For millenia, people have tried to reach a spiritual promised land by fasting. Jesus did it. The Buddha did it. Monks and saints and new age gurus have done it. And now, on the radio, This American Life contributor David Rakoff tries it. He does a 20-day fast, to find out if it brings him any form of enlightenment.

·       7:00 am, Weekend Edition

·       9:00 am, Car Talk

·       10:00 am, Whad'ya Know? with Michael Feldman

·       12:00 pm, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

·       1:00 pm, Fresh Air Weekend

·       2:00 pm, Humankind

·       3:00 pm, Car Talk

·       4:00 pm, All Things Considered

·       5:00 pm, A Prairie Home Companion… This week, a show created by YOU! We've sifted through all of your suggestions of scripts and songs that you'd like to hear again and strung a good bunch of them together for a special compilation program, including tense telephone conversation between Duane and Mom, a song called "Arbolito" from Tish Hinojosa, Walter Bobbie in a dreamy Thanksgiving script about an escape to a delightful New York restaurant, and E.G. Kight sings "I'm New at This."

·       7:00 pm, The Pickin' Post with host Mike Shirkey

·       9:00 pm, The Folk Sampler with host Mike Flynn

·       10:00 pm, Piano Jazz… Legendary pianist Hank Jones was one of Marian McPartland's first guests when she began Piano Jazz over 30 years ago. Jones passed away earlier this year, and on this 2009 session, Marian McPartland asked another of her favorite pianists, Bill Charlap, to take a turn on the host's bench to catch up with Jones. The two sparkle on such duets as Oh Look at Me Now and Billy Strayhorn's Lotus Blossom.

·       11:00 pm, JazzSet

·       12:00 am, Jazz Profiles

Sunday, August 8th

·       6:00 am, Human Kind

·       7:00 am, Weekend Edition

·       9:00 am, Ozarks at Large

·       10:00 am, This American Life

·       11:00 am, On the Media

·       12:00 pm, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

·       1:00 pm, A Prairie Home Companion

·       3:00 pm, Thistle & Shamrock… Meet Julee Glaub and Mark Weems who mix Appalachian and Irish music and relish the beauty of two unaccompanied voices in close harmony. Hear them weave their timeless harmonies and talk about the power of communal song.

·       4:00 pm, All Things Considered

·       5:00 pm, Living on Earth

·       6:00 pm, Fresh Air Weekend

·       7:00 pm, Performance Today

·       9:00 pm, Pipedreams

·       11:00 pm, Beethoven Satellite Network

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