Monday, September 8, 2008

Should Gaming Consoles start Living It Green

A meeting at Wal-Mart’s Gaming Headquarters attended by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, Electronic Arts, Activision and American Game Factory, as well as representatives from the Natural Resources Defense Council, concluded:


  • There were about 101 Million games sold in plastic cases last year. That translates into green house gas emissions equal to over 9,000 cars!
  • Some of the next generation consoles can be used to play DVD or Blu-Ray media. Doing this uses more energy - a LOT more - than a standalone DVD or Blu-Ray player.
  • If we left a “next generation” console on 24/7/365, we consume as much energy as TWO refrigerators in that same timeframe! If half of us did this, consoles alone would consume as much energy as it takes to power a city like San Diego.


Conclusion: It’s time to take action on reducing the amount of energy gaming consoles use!


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