Sunday, July 13, 2008

Toss Magazines, Catalogs in Recycling Bin, New Yorkers Urged

Getting more New Yorkers to recycle their magazines and catalogs instead of throwing them in the trash is the goal of a campaign by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

ReMix - Recycling Magazines is Excellent! - is a national public education campaign that has conducted pilot programs in Boston, Milwaukee, and Portland, Oregon. New York City rolled out an intensive advertising push in an effort to reduce the solid waste going into city landfills.

New Yorkers see ReMix promotions on buses, taxis and subways, in movie theatres, on cable television, on billboards and in full-page public service advertisements in consumer magazines such as TIME, Cosmopolitan, Country Living and Sports Illustrated. The total value of paid placements and in-kind donations for the ReMix campaign will top $3 million.

"To meet the ambitious goals in our landmark Solid Waste Management Plan, we need to increase recycling rates, and we know we can do a better job recycling magazines and catalogs," said Mayor Bloomberg. "Many New Yorkers don't realize that magazines, catalogs, phone books, and other kinds of paper are just as recyclable as newspapers and office paper."


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